Hayward 2016 Rebates

Hayward Rebates from February 1, 2016 – April 3, 2016

Turbine Suction Pool Cleaners

Navigator ProFor Spring of 2016, Hayward is offering a $75 rebate and a free leaf canister on their┬ásuction based pool cleaners. This includes the popular Navigator Pro. These cleaners range in price from $399 – $449 and the rebate requires you to pay a minimum price, so those super cheap internet prices may not qualify.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

TriVac 500It looks like Hayward has decided to release the TriVac 500 – a virtual clone of the old Phantom / Viper cleaners. This cleaner works with a separate booster pump and cleans both the surface and floor of the pool. The rebate for this cleaner is $50 and you must spend $579 to qualify for it.

Salt Chlorination & Controls

AquaRiteWe get quite a few options in this category. The highlight for me is the $80 rebate on an AquaRite with the 40,000 gallon cell. Once again, a minimum price of $1129 is required, so internet buyers need not apply. For only $216 more ($1345), you could purchase the AquaPlus – a complete control system with a 40,000 gallon cell. The rebate on the AquaPlus is for $75.

Replacement Cells

TurboCellPerhaps you already have an AquaRite system and just need a replacement cell. Hayward is offering $50 rebates on their extended life 40,000 gallon cells or $40 rebates on their extended life 25,000 gallon cells. These cells must be purchased for $599 and $429 minimums, respectively.

Rebate Forms (Below)

2016 Hayward Rebates A

2016 Hayward Rebates B

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