Surface Stains

If your pool has surface stains, try one of these great products for immediate results.

During this time of year, it is easy to get surface stains from all of the leaves and debris that fall into the water. Some surfaces suffer from staining more than others, but with the right products, those stains can be eliminated almost instantly.

Stains can be caused from a variety of metals or organic contaminates. Knowing what type of surface stain you have is essential to treating it properly. The type of stain can be determined by testing for metals in the water or by using a sample of different products to see which one lifts the stain better.

Back in the spring, I had a customer requesting a stain treatment on an above ground pool. The vinyl liner walls were completely black from the stain. I suspected that the metal rails around the top of the pool were dropping rust into the water, thereby introducing iron into the pool. I brought out a Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit to see which product would be most effective. This confirmed my hunch that iron was the issue and we treated the pool according to the directions with amazing results. The customer was ecstatic and had me maintain the pool for the entire summer. The key to this sort of result is to follow the directions exactly. The product I used, for example, reacts against chlorine. The stain product and chlorine effectively cancel each other out, so to make sure the stain treatment worked, I had to let the chlorine lower to zero before treating the stain. It is also useful to use a stain sequestering product when treating a stain. Jack’s Magic Magenta Stuff is great for this purpose.

More recently, I have encountered severe surface stains in two pools that I maintain on a weekly basis. These stains were caused by leaves and should not be too hard to get rid of. Both of the pools have been painted, which I never recommend doing. I think that the painted surface contributed to the rather quick staining. I have used two products with good results on these pools. The first is called Pool Stain Treat. This 2 lb container will treat 20000 gallons of water, so buy enough for your size pool. I find that you may want to use a little more than you think is necessary. The second product that I have success with is called Stain Free. Stain Free is a natural stain fighting product and works much like ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Again, the key to having great success with any stain removal product is to follow the directions exactly. The photo below is immediately after adding stain treatment to this pool. It really works quite fast.

Surface Stains

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