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I want to make a slight departure from my usual posts and bring your attention to a product designed to repel mosquitoes. I received a Thermacell mosquito repellent appliance about a year ago as a gift. I can tell you that this thing actually works and I have used it for many hours in some truly mosquito filled places. A few weeks ago, I found it in my basement and suddenly realized what I had been missing all summer.

Once I rediscovered my Thermacell, I brought it with me to work, and a few days ago, while using it at a customer’s pool, I was asked to explain about it. I realize that most people don’t realize the Thermacell even exists and I think everyone should have one. Upon starting to write this post, I discovered that there are a couple more designs that I didn’t even know about.

The way that it works is simple, but much different from conventional mosquito repellents. The appliance requires two things to make it work – butane cartridges and the mosquito repellent mats. To use it, you turn it on and it heats up the repellent mat. The mat discharges a vapor and mosquitoes disappear. The butane cartridges last about 12 hours each and the mats are good for about 4 hours. Thermacell claims that the device will create a zone of 15′ x 15′ that is mosquito free. I don’t know how exactly accurate that is and I am sure it varies depending on weather conditions.

Here are links to the different models on

Thermacell Standard DeviceThermacell

Thermacell LanternThermacell

Thermacell Camping LanternThermacell

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