To winterize or not to winterize, that is the question…

winterizeWell it’s that time of the year once again. Leaves are falling, the air is beginning to have that crisp feel to it, and the swimming pool is cooling off. You might be tempted to knock the chill off and enjoy a few more weekends if you have a heater, but the inevitable truth is that winter is coming. Once again, it’s time to revisit the topic of winterizing your pool. I blogged about this last year also. It’s a topic worth revisiting since I might be able to save you from making a costly mistake.

I hear of people making what I consider to be a terrible mistake year after year. It goes something like this, “Hey Mrs. Smith, do you plan to have us winterize your pool this year?” Mrs. Smith replies, “No, we just turn it off and worry about cleaning it up next year.” The fictional Mrs. Smith means exactly what she says. She is finished using the pool for the year and she literally plans to just turn the circuit breakers off and walk away, doing nothing else. She doesn’t drain the water from the equipment, she doesn’t make sure the freeze protection is working, she doesn’t even cover the pool, and she certainly will not be checking on anything during the winter. Fast forward to six months later and she (more likely her pool guy) is discovering a wealth of problems. The plumbing is shattered, valves are broken, the pump’s housing is cracked, and the pool is full of leaves. Please don’t be like Mrs. Smith. All of her problems could have been avoided with a simple pool closing and winterizing procedure. Alternatively, she could have left her pool running during the winter and avoided most of these problems. However, you need to have a freeze protection device if you leave the pool open.

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