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Hayward 2016 Rebates

Hayward Rebates from February 1, 2016 – April 3, 2016 Turbine Suction Pool Cleaners For Spring of 2016, Hayward is offering a $75 rebate and a free leaf canister on their suction based pool cleaners. This includes the popular Navigator Pro.

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Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance What We Do With Spring fast approaching, what better time to explain our strategy for maintaining swimming pools on a weekly basis. You can not only learn what we do, but apply these tips to your own regiment

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Drain Safety

When renovating always upgrade the drain. This is the time when many pool owners decide to spruce up an aging pool. Whether you are replacing an old faded liner or resurfacing a gunite pool with pebble, it gives us the

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Leak Detection

Leak Detection It’s not a matter of if it will leak, but when. There will come a time in your pool ownership when the water just won’t stay in the pool. Think about how much that water loss is costing

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Automation that doesn’t break the wallet. I recently had an inquiry about swimming pool automation. My customer has a very nice gunite pool. The equipment configuration is quite simple since there is no spa. Essentially, we have to control a

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To winterize or not to winterize, that is the question… Well it’s that time of the year once again. Leaves are falling, the air is beginning to have that crisp feel to it, and the swimming pool is cooling off.

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Thermacell Review

Thermacell I want to make a slight departure from my usual posts and bring your attention to a product designed to repel mosquitoes. I received a Thermacell mosquito repellent appliance about a year ago as a gift. I can tell you

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Technology and Swimming Pools We are entering an interesting time concerning technology and our swimming pools. It is important to understand what is available and how it may impact the enjoyment of your swimming pool. Just because a technology advancement

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Chemical Dispensers A chemical dispenser can be one of several things. There are traditional chlorinators, connected to the pool’s plumbing, that deliver a constant feed of chlorine into the water. A cheaper, simpler solution, is a floating chlorinator that actually

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Safety Fences vs Alarms

As we head into Spring, you may be concerned about the safety of your swimming pool. Pool alarms and safety fences are a couple of options available to help ease your mind. I am not going to recommend specific products

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