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Chemical Dispensers A chemical dispenser can be one of several things. There are traditional chlorinators, connected to the pool’s plumbing, that deliver a constant feed of chlorine into the water. A cheaper, simpler solution, is a floating chlorinator that actually

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Test Strips vs Reagents

How do test strips compare to traditional liquid reagents? With spring right around the corner, now is a good time to think about how you test your pool’s water. The two most popular options are instant read test strips and

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Surface Stains

If your pool has surface stains, try one of these great products for immediate results. During this time of year, it is easy to get surface stains from all of the leaves and debris that fall into the water. Some surfaces suffer

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Aquabot Cleaners

Another Robotics Choice – Aquabot If you read last week’s blog, you will be familiar with the large variety of robotic cleaners offered by Dolphin. Aquabot brings a similar variety of robotic cleaners to the table. They offer a wide

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Chlorine Types

Always read the active ingredient percentage when buying chlorine. There’s a reason some are cheaper. There are several types of chlorine shock and tablets, but the one commonality between them is that they all produce hypochlorous acid to sanitize the

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The Lesser Chemicals

Here we are at the end of my chemical round up. There are a host of chemicals designed to address certain situations and I could never cover them all, but I will touch on a few. Algaecide – this is

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Cyanuric Acid

What a confusing chemical we have here. The confusion begins with the fact that there are no less than three names that it goes by. Stabilizer, conditioner, and cyanuric acid (CYA) all describe the same chemical. To make it a

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Calcium Hardness

Let’s talk about calcium in your pool water. Why is it needed? First of all, adding calcium is most important for a gunite pool. The plaster surface contains calcium and if the water is low in calcium, it will absorb

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Today we will learn a little about total alkalinity. There is not much to know about it really. The total alkalinity should be held between about 80 – 120. When kept in this range it acts as a very effective

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Controlling pH

This is the third post in my chemical series. Today I will discuss pH, what it is and how to control it. pH is a number representing the acidity or alkalinity of your water. The preferred range for a pool

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