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Automation that doesn’t break the wallet. I recently had an inquiry about swimming pool automation. My customer has a very nice gunite pool. The equipment configuration is quite simple since there is no spa. Essentially, we have to control a

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Thermacell Review

Thermacell I want to make a slight departure from my usual posts and bring your attention to a product designed to repel mosquitoes. I received a Thermacell mosquito repellent appliance about a year ago as a gift. I can tell you

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Chemical Dispensers A chemical dispenser can be one of several things. There are traditional chlorinators, connected to the pool’s plumbing, that deliver a constant feed of chlorine into the water. A cheaper, simpler solution, is a floating chlorinator that actually

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My Personal Opinion About Being Shocked Because of a popular news story, I have recently been asked several times about the possibility of being shocked by lights or railings in a swimming pool. I have personally been shocked several times

iAquaLink 2.0

Promising an easier setup process, Zodiac introduces the iAquaLink 2.0 The original iAquaLink is a great piece of pool control technology, but it does fail on one specific point. It is incredibly hard to set up once the components are

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Best Pool Cleaner 2014

The best pool cleaner will vary depending on your pool. Over the past month, I have talked about Polaris, Dolphin, Aquabot, Hayward, and Water Tech robotic pool cleaners. Originally, when I started the chain of posts about the best pool

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Prepare For Pollen

Every year our pools are clogged with pollen. Here in Atlanta, it is almost that wonderful time of year when pollen covers everything, including our pools. Every Spring, I am asked, “What do we do with the pool to get

Aquabot Cleaners

Another Robotics Choice – Aquabot If you read last week’s blog, you will be familiar with the large variety of robotic cleaners offered by Dolphin. Aquabot brings a similar variety of robotic cleaners to the table. They offer a wide

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Hayward is launching a new automation controller called the OmniLogic. Recently, I was investigating the major manufacturer’s solutions for controlling pools via smartphones and I stumbled upon this. Apparently, Hayward has developed a new automation device. Hayward has manufactured control

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V-Green Pump Motors

Following the last article about “Going Green” we should discuss Century’s V-Green motors and show you how much you could be saving. I have a couple of energy-saving motors for you to look at this week. Both motors are made by