Calcium Hardness

Let’s talk about calcium in your pool water. Why is it needed?

First of all, adding calcium is most important for a gunite pool. The plaster surface contains calcium and if the water is low in calcium, it will absorb the calcium from the pool surface. This causes the surface to degrade over time. Calcium is usually required in very large amounts. It is common to add 50 lbs. or more in small increments when starting a pool up for the season.

A few tips about calcium:

  • Water can only hold a certain amount of dissolved solids. This amount fluctuates with temperature and colder temperatures will hold more solids. Because of this, you may add a lot of calcium in the early spring and then when the water heats up it will drop out of the water and cover the floor with a white powder. For this reason, I recommend not maxing out the calcium level. Instead try to achieve a number in the middle of the acceptable range.
  • Don’t buy small amounts of calcium. Usually it is quite okay to add large amounts at a time. It takes a lot of calcium to raise the hardness level so buy it in a 50 lb. bag.
  • Keep a bulk 50 lb. bag of calcium chloride on hand during the winter. If we have any ice, use the calcium on your driveway or sidewalk to melt it.

An Atlanta area native, Shawn began servicing pools in 1998 and has not stopped. Years of experience have provided Shawn with a wealth of knowledge and opinions about all types and brands of pool equipment.

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