Going Green

Variable speed pumps are giving pool owners a way to save some green.

I am asked many times each swimming season about how much electricity a pool pump uses and how much it costs. I find that these numbers are hard to determine because of two main variables involved. These variables are the size of the pump (HP) and how long the pump runs each day. Most will agree that the average pool pump is probably accounting for about a third of your electricity bill during the summer. This cost is hard to swallow for new pool owners that are unaware of the costs involved. Other, energy conscious pool owners, may not like the idea of using so much power for the nonessential task of circulating pool water.


The pool pump is one of the most essential pieces of equipment on every swimming pool. Pumps come in a variety of horsepower and flow ratings, but one thing that they all have in common is their love of electricity. It’s hard to go green and keep a clear pool. Green is a word that most pool owners never want to hear, but that is changing with the recent surge of variable speed pumps coming to the market.

All of the major pump manufacturers are now building versions of their most popular pumps with variable speed motors. In addition to that, it is possible to convert any pump over to variable speed simply by replacing the motor. These motors allow you to program the pump to operate at different speeds throughout the day. This means that during heavy use, the pump could run at 100% to cycle the water as fast as possible. The pump can then scale back to a much slower speed to save energy and money during low usage. Believe it or not, there are reports of these “green” pumps saving pool owners between $50 – $90 per month. Some states have even passed law requiring all new pools to have only variable speed pumps installed.

We are entering a time in history where energy savings seems more and more popular. Five years ago, if asked about a variable speed pump, I responded, “It’s a great idea, but the initial cost offsets any savings.” Now, with more players entering the market, I feel that there is a shift in the momentum and it will only be a matter of time before the green pump is the new standard.

An Atlanta area native, Shawn began servicing pools in 1998 and has not stopped. Years of experience have provided Shawn with a wealth of knowledge and opinions about all types and brands of pool equipment.

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