Best Pool Cleaner 2014

The best pool cleaner will vary depending on your pool.

Over the past month, I have talked about Polaris, Dolphin, Aquabot, Hayward, and Water Tech robotic pool cleaners. Originally, when I started the chain of posts about the best pool cleaners, I intended to rank the cleaners in some sort of order (best to worst). As I researched the subject, I realized that I had been quite naïve with my original intention to pick the single best pool cleaner. There is such a variety of robotic pool cleaners and the true best pool cleaner for each person will depend solely on the pool it will clean. As a swimming pool service technician with over fifteen years of experience, I am rarely asked about robotic pool cleaners. This has been somewhat of a learning experience for me and a great exercise to further my robotic pool cleaner knowledge. And now, without further delay, I present the best pool cleaner(s) of 2014!

Best Pool CleanerAs far as my picks go, I like the Aquabot Classic for one. The Aquabot Classic is a great all around robotic pool cleaner. It is suitable for any surface, cleans the walls and floor, and has a 50′ cable length. Click the link below to go straight to where you can find this cleaner for $714.21 at the time of this post.

Aquabot AB Aquabot Classic In-Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Best Pool CleanerSecond up, I really like the Dolphin Supreme M5. I believe this cleaner can really handle anything you throw at it. The price is a bit steep, but be sure that it will outdo everything the Aquabot Classic will. It also comes with a remote for when you want to quickly spot clean the pool or impress your friends. Click the link below to see the cleaner listed on for $1650.00 as of this writing.

Dolphin Supreme M5 M 5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Pool CleanerMy third and final pick is the Hayward TigerShark. I must admit that I did not see this pick coming when I started this series of posts, but I believe it is the best pool cleaner for anyone on a tight budget. The TigerShark cleans the walls, steps, and floor of the pool. The base model is available on for $870.44 at this time and you may find it by clicking the link below.

Hayward RC9950GR Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner


I hope that you too have learned some valuable information about the best pool cleaners during the last month of posts. I certainly have. I also hope that you will consider one of these cleaners as we enter a very dirty time of the year for our pools. Until next time, keep those pools clean!

An Atlanta area native, Shawn began servicing pools in 1998 and has not stopped. Years of experience have provided Shawn with a wealth of knowledge and opinions about all types and brands of pool equipment.

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