iAquaLink 2.0

Promising an easier setup process, Zodiac introduces the iAquaLink 2.0

The original iAquaLink is a great piece of pool control technology, but it does fail on one specific point. It is incredibly hard to set up once the components are installed. The setup process involves connecting a computer to the antenna via USB and then logging onto Zodiac’s website to enter information about your router and network. For anyone that has set up a home network before, you know how mysterious it can be to make it all work properly. Setting up the original iAquaLink becomes such a chore sometimes that I usually instruct customers to set it up on their own after I leave their home. It just does not make sense for a pool technician like myself to spend hours trying to work on a customer’s home network.

With the iAquaLink 2.0, Zodiac promises a much easier setup process. They claim that the system directly communicates with pretty much all routers, regardless of the type of router or security. The communication is established by simply pressing a button on the router and then pressing another button on the iAquaLink 2.0 system. The two devices then recognize each other and setup is complete. No manual entry of the network settings with a laptop is needed. The iAquaLink 2.0 antenna acts as a wifi hotspot and after connecting a smart device to it, the programming can be completed by the installer quickly.

Time will tell if Zodiac has more improvements for the new iAquaLink 2.0 revision. I am excited about the new easier setup routine and I think it will allow installers to provide a more seamless transition to the end user.

An Atlanta area native, Shawn began servicing pools in 1998 and has not stopped. Years of experience have provided Shawn with a wealth of knowledge and opinions about all types and brands of pool equipment.

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