Hayward is launching a new automation controller called the OmniLogic.

OmniLogicRecently, I was investigating the major manufacturer’s solutions for controlling pools via smartphones and I stumbled upon this. Apparently, Hayward has developed a new automation device. Hayward has manufactured control systems for years. They acquired the AquaLogic control system in August of 2004 when they bought Goldline Controls. Goldline Controls continued operation under the Hayward name, producing a couple more models called the AquaPlus and ProLogic. Now they are preparing to release a new system with a much more modern interface branded as OmniLogic.

For comparison, the AquaLogic can┬ácontrol eight pieces of equipment, operate four valve actuators, and it will act as a salt system if you would like. I believe that the AquaLogic is still available for purchase, but Hayward’s own website no longer lists it with their automation products. Next up is the AquaPlus. It offers all the features found in the AquaLogic plus it will control Hayward’s add-on chemical automation system. This chemical automation will control the pH and chlorine of the water. The ProLogic doubles just about everything that the AquaLogic can do. It is best used to automate an entire backyard including landscape lighting.

The detail surrounding the OmniLogic are not entirely clear yet. One might assume that it would at least provide the same level of control as the ProLogic, but this is not certain. What we do know is that it features a much more user-friendly interface and the fact that it apparently works with smartphones and tablets right out of the box is good. Hayward’s products have been able to communicate with smart devices for a few years, but the equipment to make it happen is prohibitive. Hopefully the OmniLogic will change things to where this technology is actually affordable. The OmniLogic will feature customization of the on-screen controls, offering 50 configurable favorites icons and 25 theme functions allowing the activation of common equipment combos with the press of a single on-screen button.


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