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Pool Opening

With Spring on its way, it is time to consider your pool opening and whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. Here, I will explain the benefits of allowing a pool service company open your pool for you.

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Salt Systems

Common misconceptions about salt systems… Salt systems are gaining¬†popularity among pool owners around Atlanta, GA. What’s not to like about them? They generate free chlorine from salt and they cut down on maintenance costs. All of your friends will recommend

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Pool Light Not Working

A GFCI outlet could cause your pool light to not work. We’ve all been there. You flip the pool light switch expecting the pool to illuminate and instead you are greeted with darkness. Many just assume that the bulb has

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Frozen Pipes? Now What?

A day of frozen pipes… Today was a strange day for pool professionals in north Georgia. ¬†When I awoke and checked my weather app, as I do every morning, the temperature was only seven degrees. With the wind chill factored

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Freeze Guard

Have you checked your freeze guard lately? This weekend’s weather is going to be mighty cold and it serves as a reminder that we need to check our freeze guards to be sure they are working correctly. Sure, we may

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Sand change, anyone?

The dirty truth about a sand change. I want to follow up on the post I made about backwashing with this one about a sand change. There are many misconceptions about why a sand change may be desired and other

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A quick lesson on backwashing your sand filter. To those of you using a sand filter to keep your pool’s water clean, pay attention to this information and reap the benefits of clearer water. Even if you think you know

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Pumps Have Baskets Too

A basket resides under that clear lid on your pump. Under the clear lid of every pool pump, regardless of brand, there is a basket. Most are plastic, a few are stainless steel, and this time of year they are

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Pool Covers

From safety to budget, there is a pool cover for you. Pool covers come in many types for all budgets. Here we will discuss the most popular of them and explain the differences. Before we discuss specific covers, I would

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The Lesser Chemicals

Here we are at the end of my chemical round up. There are a host of chemicals designed to address certain situations and I could never cover them all, but I will touch on a few. Algaecide – this is

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