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To winterize or not to winterize, that is the question… Well it’s that time of the year once again. Leaves are falling, the air is beginning to have that crisp feel to it, and the swimming pool is cooling off.

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Freeze Protection

Freeze protection only helps if it works. I touched on this subject in my last post and I have written at length about it before. It is worth repeating every year though, so hopefully some of you will read and

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Pool Closing

Professional Pool Closing May Save You Money Many of you do not realize the dangers that winter poses to your pool. Ice is a powerful force and, left unchecked, it will destroy anything trying to contain it. That’s why it

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Freeze Guard

Have you checked your freeze guard lately? This weekend’s weather is going to be mighty cold and it serves as a reminder that we need to check our freeze guards to be sure they are working correctly. Sure, we may

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