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Aquabot Cleaners

Another Robotics Choice – Aquabot If you read last week’s blog, you will be familiar with the large variety of robotic cleaners offered by Dolphin. Aquabot brings a similar variety of robotic cleaners to the table. They offer a wide

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Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Dolphin by Maytronics delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. I remember a time when it seemed like every robotic pool cleaner I found was made by Dolphin. This company really has built a name on cleaning pools and only that. They

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Polaris Robotic Vacuums

Polaris robotic vacuums have just gotten better! Over the next few review posts, I plan to highlight some robotic vacuums. At the end of the individual reviews, I want to compare the features and order the cleaners from best to

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Hayward is launching a new automation controller called the OmniLogic. Recently, I was investigating the major manufacturer’s solutions for controlling pools via smartphones and I stumbled upon this. Apparently, Hayward has developed a new automation device. Hayward has manufactured control

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Going Green

Variable speed pumps are giving pool owners a way to save some green. I am asked many times each swimming season about how much electricity a pool pump uses and how much it costs. I find that these numbers are

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Zodiac has polished up its AquaLink RS interface with the new iAquaLink revision. The three major players in swimming pool automation all have new slick looking interfaces for our smartphones and tablets. Today I want to focus on Zodiac’s offering,

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AquaRite by Hayward

AquaRite – Simple and Affordable Chlorine Generation I thought that since I had just blogged about the common misinformation about salt systems, now would be a good time to introduce my personal favorite salt system. The Hayward AquaRite is a

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