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Chemical Dispensers A chemical dispenser can be one of several things. There are traditional chlorinators, connected to the pool’s plumbing, that deliver a constant feed of chlorine into the water. A cheaper, simpler solution, is a floating chlorinator that actually

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Test Strips vs Reagents

How do test strips compare to traditional liquid reagents? With spring right around the corner, now is a good time to think about how you test your pool’s water. The two most popular options are instant read test strips and

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Pool Maintenance

Here’s a quick guide about pool maintenance. Weekly Every week, a few chemicals should be checked. First is your chlorine. It should be kept between about 1 – 3 ppm. Most pool owners will use tablets and shock to maintain

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Five important chemical tests.

It seems everyone is out to sell you an entire suite of chemicals to maintain the water in your pool. I am here to tell you that many of those may be unnecessary and even cause problems. The first critical

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