Epic Pools, LLC warranties all of our standard repair labor for a period of 30 days from the date work is completed. This warranty does not cover secondary damage caused by any other failures or misuse. Parts and equipment used in making repairs are warrantied through their manufacturers. These warranties vary depending on the part or equipment. In most circumstances, if the parts are purchased through Epic Pools, LLC, we are able to assist in manufacturer warranty claims by exchanging the parts through a distribution facility.

Any of our renovation projects are warrantied for longer periods according to the type of project involved. Please inquire about any warranty period by phone or through our contact page.

If Epic Pools, LLC performs a service for you, we will stand behind our work and parts used, as long as any issues are brought to our attention in a timely manner and these issues are not the direct result of misuse. We understand that you have many choices for your pool service needs and we value your business.